Baptismal Preparation

St Mark Parish offers baptismal preparation classes. Parents/Guardians and Godparents are invited to attend the three one hour sessions prior to the baptism of the child.
The goals of this program are:

  1. To help parents/guardians to understand the importance of baptism in their love, and the life of the child.
  2. To help parents/guardians, godparents understand their role and commitment in the spiritual upbringing of the child.
  3. To help parents/guardians understand the stages and symbols of the rite of baptism.

These classes welcome and orientate parents/child and family to the priest and parish community via the baptismal team. The parish baptism team is a support to parents and remains in contact with them with follow up letters till the child enters the school system.
The Baptismal Preparation team consists of the parish priest and volunteers from the parish.
To register, obtain further details and dates phone the parish office at 306-764-4637 or e-mail

Children's Sacramental Preparation

The Sacramental Preparation team consists of the parish priest and volunteers from the parish. For further information, please contact Fr. Jim Kaptein or the parish ofice at 306-764-4637 or email  For more information or to register for the 2016--2017 Sacramental Preparation Sessions; please contact the parish office at (306) 764-4637.

Marriage Preparation

To comply with the requirements for the Sacrament of Marriage, the couple should call Fr. Jim Kaptein six-eight months prior to the marriage in order to complete the paper work and to attend a marriage preparation course. The marriage preparation course is sponsored by the Diocese and information can be acquired by contacting the Diocesan Office. Prince Albert Catholic Diocese

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults [RCIA]

The RCIA course is sponsored by the Diocese or another parish within the city. Call the Diocesan Office for information.

Sacrament of The Sick

Parishioners should phone the parish office at 306 764-4637 to make arrangements for Father to visit the sick person. The hospital also has a priest who is on call and Sr. Rene also makes daily visits.